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What's our mission, who are we, and why did we set up an accountancy for ecommerce businesses?

On a mission to make accounting simple. Our measure of success is how much we can help you.


Give you back time

This runs through our thinking on everything, from how we start working with you, the software we work with, and how we manage your work and any enquiries.


Save you stress

We seek to provide peace of mind that your accounting is taken care of. We have clear process for making sure your work gets done correctly, on time, every time.


Provide value for money

We are only happy if our service is value for money for you. With a specialist, you are never paying for your accountant to learn the ins and outs of your industry.

Joseph Cox - Managing Partner and Founder

Joseph Cox. Founding and Managing Partner

Joe is a Chartered Accountant and online entrepreneur. Starting in 2013 he has launched several successful Private Label/Amazon FBA businesses, some of which he still operates today.

Steffen Hoyemsvoll - Technical and Operating Partner

Steffen Hoyemsvoll.

Steffen joined Joe to help Ecommerce Accountants scale. He is an Oxford physics graduate who went into finance and software development. He is passionate about ensuring our service level only improves as we grow and is the first person you will speak to if you are looking to join as a client.

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Our story. How did we start and why do we think we know so much about ecommerce?

The very beginning

Ecommerce Accountants LLP traces its roots back to 2013 when our founder (Joseph Cox) started his very first online business (private label FBA).

Back then, Joseph (Joe) was a trainee accountant working for a traditional accounting firm in London. He started the online business as a ‘side hustle’ hoping to generate some extra income while still working a full-time job. He had the long-term view that after he finished his accounting qualification, he could become a digital nomad, running his online business while backpacking around the world.

Hands on ecommerce experience

Fast forward several years and Joe was a chartered accountant involved in running a number of successful ecommerce businesses. He quit his job to focus on running these full-time and knew that while he could save money by preparing his own books and accounts, his time was better spent elsewhere.

He wanted to outsource the accounting function so that he could focus on growing his brand(s) and increasing sales. With that in mind he went in search of an accountancy that understood ecommerce.

A lack of accountants experienced with ecommerce

Unfortunately for Joe, while there were some accountants who said they had ecommerce experience, when he spoke to them, it felt like they did not truly understand his industry nor his business model.

Worse, he was under the strong impression that he would be the one telling his accountant what to do, rather than the other way around. While he was happy to pay another accountant money, he was not happy to pay them in time. So, he decided to save the money and since it would be costing him time either way, he would continue to do things himself.

The first UK accountancy focused on ecommerce was born

To protect his time, each month he focused on improving his processes little by little. The incremental gains meant that Joe could focus on what was important and when friends began forming ecommerce businesses, they spoke with Joe about what to do.

Ecommerce Accountants was formed to solve the problems that Joe faced. The processes that Joe built for his own businesses are what we use internally at Ecommerce Accountants today.
If you are running an ecommerce business and want to focus on being able to run things without worrying about anything associated with tax, then you are in the right place.

Growing with our clients

We have had the pleasure of growing alongside our clients. We are now a two partner chartered practice that continues to focus exclusively on the ecommerce sector. Our commitment is to saving you time and stress through the use of modern technology, clear communication, and specialisation. This has allowed us to continue to grow and maintain the highest service level an ecommerce business can get from an accountancy.

Onwards and upwards

At the time of writing (November 2020) we are 11 people serving over 300 clients. We continue to focus on online business exclusively, and handle all accounting and bookkeeping in-house, something that lets us provide the highest possible service level to our clients.

If you want to learn more, or enquire about joining as a client, just get in touch.

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