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Client Managers

For this management role we want great communicators who enjoy a high degree of client facing interaction and managing a team.

For this role we want a chartered accountant to take ownership of relationships and service delivery for a large portion of our clients, managing a team to do this, and helping us maintain both our current high growth rate and service level.

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For accountants, we want great communicators who are able to provide simple and clear advice or explanations to our clients.

For this role we want both specialists who want to become expert in a field, as well as generalists capable of taking on work in varying areas, including business development, coaching, etc. Both are supported and valuable to our clients.

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For bookkeepers, we want people who want to be specialists in a chosen field (in our case ecommerce) and are ready to spend several years advancing their knowledge in it.

Individuals who are happy to handle the bookkeeping and associated bookkeeping relationships with a portfolio of clients, and who are looking to further their technical skills and knowledge or work towards a managerial or quality assessment role will enjoy this role.

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