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Want guidance on starting your ecommerce business, UK compliance, international tax and more?

If you're after a bit of advice and not ready to commit to an accountant, you can book a consultation call with us.

What is covered on the call?

Ahead of the call you can fill in a questionnaire to grab the basic details about your business so we can spend our time discussing higher value points. We can cover a range of topics including:

  • Company structure: Sole Trader vs LTD
  • VAT: which scheme to use, rules for dropshippers, EU VAT
  • US Sales Tax: when and how to comply
  • Best practices for ecommerce from the Finance department's point of view
  • General accounting questions
How long is the call?

The call is 15 minutes.

How strict is the the timing?

Not strict. If we have a couple minutes of chit-chat about recent global pandemics, we'll add this on at the end. We leave a 15 minute buffer after calls to accommodate this.

What is the cost?

The consultation call is £50, including VAT.

What if I just want to ask about your services?

In this case, complete an Instant Quote where you will be connected with one of the team.