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We are a Gold Partner with both Xero and Receipt Bank, which means we are able to pass on a discount on your bookkeeping software to you. The combined RRP for the packages we provide you is £70 + VAT but with the discount, the cost to you is £37 + VAT per month instead.

We also provide an early-bird discount on your Self Assessment fee for bringing us your documents early in the personal tax year. On pricing for ecommerce businesses with standard requirement we do not offer discounts.

We treat all of our customers fairly and as part of that everyone receives the same treatment when it comes to pricing. We only provide discounts reflecting actual reductions in workload or greater efficiency, so for example if we run two business for you, the second business we would normally extend a 5% discount, reflecting that we have already explained all of our processes and there will be some overlap in the advice provided. If you run a consulting business or property company, separately to your ecommerce business, we can handle the accounting for this as well, usually at a discounted rate (because a contractor business is usually far simpler to handle the bookkeeping and accounting for).

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