Do you use A2X or Link My Books


For multi-channel vendors we will usually not use invoice posting solutions such as A2X or Link My Books to fetch Amazon or Shopify data when we are handling your bookkeeping. However, in certain cases, if you are solely on Amazon or eBay, we would use Link My Books.

Many of our clients who handle their bookkeeping themselves do use these kinds of solutions, and we would actively encourage you do so too if you are also considering handling bookkeeping yourself. There are plenty of good reasons to invest in using such a solution if you are going to handle the bookkeeping yourself, the principle reason being time-saving.

We facilitate the set up of several of these solutions, so if you are considering using one, get in touch and one of our accountants can help to ensure you are set up correctly from the start, as well as walking you through how to handle the non-platform transactions, i.e. your expenses, supplier costs, salary, etc.

Where we handle the bookkeeping for clients without these solutions, we fetch and process the raw data internally, which means we can run additional reporting and checks, principal among them being checking for SKUs with likely misconfigured tax rules.

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