How am I billed for services?


You are billed based on which of the five compliance services you have selected:

  • Accounting is billed monthly based on whichever estimated revenue you provided. At the end of the year, once your actual revenue is known, we will bill you for the difference between 12 x the correct monthly fee and the total accounting fee we have collected so far. If you overestimated your revenue for the year and this figure is negative, this difference is paid as as a cash refund.
  • Bookkeeping and VAT services are billed monthly in advance based on the pricing established during your bookkeeping setup call, i.e. once we know how complex your bookkeeping is. We keep an eye on how much time bookkeeping and associated support takes us and aim to realign this on a quarterly basis if too high or too low based on changes in your business' needs.
  • Bookkeeping software is billed monthly in advance, unless your bookkeeping frequency is annual, in which case bookkeeping software is not required
  • Payroll is billed monthly
  • Self Assessment is billed once per year at the point where you provide your records (only if a Self Assessment return is required)

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