How do I communicate with my accountant?


You have a dedicated accountant and bookkeeper (if you select this service) who will be your regular contact point.

Communication is either by email or you can book in for a phone/video call at any time. For anything that's urgent, you can also phone the office; we triage our inboxes throughout the day to ensure time-sensitive queries are handled quickly.

We triage our inboxes throughout the day to check if we have received any urgent enquiries. These are typically responded to same day, although if something is truly urgent I would encourage you to simply phone the office!

For normal queries we receive from you, you can expect a response within 48 hours. If we have not responded within 3 days (which is rare) we'll send an email to explain what the hold up is.

We often get asked if we can use other communication methods like Telegram and WhatsApp instead of just emails and calls. This would be nice to offer but the efficiency cost to us of maintaining further channels is too great; email and scheduled calls are compatible with workflow management processes, and lets us ensure every query gets answered and nothing gets lost.

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