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We are fully transparent on pricing and you can see exactly what you would pay for services on the Instant Quote page. There are five compliance points/services you may need for running a UK business: Accounting, VAT, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Self Assessment.

Not all of these will be relevant for all business which is why you can select any or all of these services.

  1. Accounting | required by all business; based on your revenue
  2. Bookkeeping | required by all business; based on number orders and active marketplaces and bank accounts to reconcile
  3. VAT | required by all VAT registered business; based on your VATable revenue (exclude out of scope sales); this fee covers the additional work required to handle bookkeeping which when VAT registered has to be broken down further to account for VAT
  4. Payroll | required if you pay an individual a salary; auto-enrolment falls under this category; based on number of employees
  5. Self Assessment | if you have do submit a personal tax return

The Bookkeeping and VAT fees you will see in the calculator are charged in arrears (good for your cash flow) once the activity in the VAT/bookkeeping period is known. Accounting is charged monthly based on your estimated revenue and an adjustment is applied at year-end once your actual revenue is known to align your overall fee with 12 x the correct monthly fee.

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