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What does the Community offer?

The Community offers two things:
1. It is a Knowledge Hub. We keep this actively updated with the advice we are commonly asked by our clients and other ecommerce sellers.
2. It is a chance to connect and learn from other sellers. Discuss common problems and solutions to your specific platform, business model, product, etc.

Can I ask questions?

Yes, you can and we're motivated to answer them! We want to know what kind of accounting issues you are facing as early as possibly. Building a community around the challenges ecommerce businesses lets us crowdsource knowledge and is a tide that lift all boats.

Why did you launch the community?

We wanted to find away to let ecommerce businesses learn from each other. Running a community is a great way to facilitate this. It is also a great forum for staying updated on the topics you care about.

Is the community moderated?

Yes, we keep an eye on topics discussed. We'll offer our opinion on topics within our area of expertise, and will merge similar topics to ensure it remains easy to find relevant information.