Ecommerce Accountants works closely with clients of Mercury Bank who want to sell in the UK. We handle your UK VAT returns, advice and registration.

With Mercury Bank already and want to sell in the UK? We help US companies by making UK VAT filings and registrations hands-off and simple.

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“Beautiful, intuitive, elegant product designs are a key reason I love Mercury. If you're a founder or creator, this is the banking product you need.”
Gagan Biyani Maven CEO, Udemy Co-founder

Work with an accountant who gets your business. We can make selling in the UK easy, stress-free and hands-off.

When should I use Ecommerce Accountants?

If you are a US business and store goods in the UK or ship goods to UK consumers you have a VAT obligation.

What's involved and how long does it take?

A UK VAT registration takes HMRC, the UK tax authority up to 30 calendar days. Once registered you do quarterly VAT returns. We get your data for you, prepare and file the return, and you make the payment.

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