Receipt Bank.

Time and money is routinely lost dealing with expenses and receipts. Receipt Bank has shown us there is a better way! See why we use its AI-powered OCR technology to capture, process, and store receipts, and the time this can unlock in your business.

Receipt Bank Certified Partner

Receipt Bank. No more paper. No more data entry.

Easy automation for collecting, processing and publishing receipts and invoices.

- Instantly capture and store receipts digitally
- World class data extraction
- Flexible data export and powerful Xero integration

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Work with an accountant who understands how Receipt Bank can up your productivity. We are certified advisers experienced in unlocking time for businesses by using Receipt Bank.

Will you help me set up Receipt Bank?

We have dedicated Receipt Bank specialist bookkeepers who will make getting set up easy. Along with setting up your Xero, after signing up, book a video-call and we'll make sure you get set up correctly.

How does the Xero integration work?

Xero has a native Receipt Bank integration that means that your invoices and receipts collected in Receipt Bank will appear in Xero where they can be reconciled with outgoings from your bank account in less time than ever before.

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