Our VAT services include everything that your business needs to stay compliant with HMRC. We can register your business for VAT as well as prepare your quarterly VAT returns.

Compliance and deep understanding of VAT for Ecommerce sellers. Getting VAT right should be hassle-free. We can help your business comply, whether you are a UK, overseas, or dropshipping company.

VAT for Ecommerce is not trivial. Avoid penalties and surprise bills by getting it right the first time.

We have every business type and situation covered when it comes to UK VAT, whether you are based overseas, operating a dropshipping model, or have gone Pan-European. We even work with your EU VAT partner to keep your UK books correct. For Bookkeeping clients we also monitor your VAT thresholds.


“In short time I got everything what I need and then some. They saved me some money with VAT filing for my Amazon UK sales. I worked with them remotely from New York. They filed VAT for me and answered all my questions on the way.”
Oleg Boutorine Sep 2018

Covering all business types and models. We have the capability to adapt.

Whether your business is a Limited Company or a Sole Trade there is a VAT service for you. If your business is overseas, i.e. a Non-Established Taxable Person (NTEP), we have you covered too.

VAT Registration. We will prepare and submit everything to HMRC for you.

Once your business is making taxable supplies over the applicable threshold, you will need to register for VAT (there are different thresholds for UK and overseas companies). We'll get you registered as quickly as it can be done.

VAT for Dropshippers. Don't drop the ball on VAT. We can help.

Competent knowledge about dropshipping outside the EU into the UK.
Understand Import VAT and who is responsible for import duties and VAT.
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About us

Got a question about UK VAT and how we handle your returns? The who, what, when and how of VAT registration, schemes and returns.

What is VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a type of Sales Tax that is charged by VAT registered entities on certain qualifying sales they make. Such a sale is considered a UK taxable supply.

What makes a sale a taxable supply then?

Any sale where the place of supply is considered the UK. So for physical goods, this means if the goods were sold from a warehouse or fulfilment centre in the UK (or a digital service sold to a UK customer).

Who has to register for VAT?

Any company that makes UK taxable supplies has to register as soon as they exceed any of several thresholds that can apply. These thresholds depend on 1. where your business is based and 2. where your goods are supplied from

When do I register if I am a UK seller?

If you are a UK seller, you have to register if you have made £85,000 of taxable supplies in the last 12 months, and since 1 Jan 2021 you may also need to register if you ship any goods from outside the UK worth less than £135 to a UK consumer.

When do I register if I am a non-UK seller?

If you are storing goods in the UK, you must register straight away. If you are storing and shipping goods in another EU country, you must register if the sales in the last calendar year exceed £70,000, the distance selling threshold for the UK.

How long does it take to get a VAT number?

It takes c. 7 working days in c. 90% of cases. Some cases will take longer, especially for non-UK entities. This is entirely HMRC dependent.

Which VAT scheme should I use?

The Standard and Flat Rate scheme are the two VAT schemes generally used by ecommerce sellers (there is a third used by sellers of used goods). Selecting the scheme is a straightforward exercise which we advise on as part of the VAT registration process.

How do you do VAT returns?

We will get your Sales data for you each VAT quarter and prepare a return. If you have any expenses with VAT to reclaim, you simply upload the invoices to our platform each period. We'll automatically claim any VAT on fees from your seller platforms as well.

How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing pages and you can see the cost in advance and how they would change as you grow. For a UK business, VAT returns are part of the bookkeeping service. For a non-UK business the VAT service is offered as a stand-alone service.

I already have bookkeeping services. Is VAT included?

Yes, if we are handling your bookkeeping then we already have all of your expenses and sales data. From the date you are VAT registered, your bookkeeping has to be handled with VAT factored in and this is something we'll take care of.

Can you do EU VAT?

We can provide all the necessary guidance for handling your EU VAT obligations when they arise. EU VAT is handled only in the local language, so for these services we have partnered with Simply VAT who we know provide a quality and cost-effective service.

Do you handle US Sales Tax?

Yes, read about it in detail on our Sales Tax Service page. If you use US fulfilment centres or sell to customers in the US, you may have US Sales Tax obligations (their version of VAT). The rules are more complex than the VAT rules; they vary by State and sometimes by cities within states. We can provide the necessary guidance to understand your obligations and show you the best-in-class solution for complying.

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