The UK Limited Company is one of the most popular structures for established Ecommerce businesses. If your company name ends with LTD, we are ready to help you with the numbers, so you can focus on the sales.

We work with Limited Companies at all stages. We will help you form your company, file dormant accounts, year end accounts, confirmation statement and more.


“I contacted Ecommerce Accountants about their Limited Company Accounts service and within the space of a couple weeks everything was set up so that I no longer have to worry about accounting ever again!”
Tom Griffin Aug 2018

Company Formations

We'll set up your company for you at Companies House and provide appropriate advice

Full Compliance

Corporation Tax Returns (CT600s), Confirmation Statements, Tax Calculations, Bookkeeping.

Proactive advice

We're not only responsive but proactive. We'll give you timely advice when you ask but also before you need it!

Work with an accountant who understands your business. We know how Ecommerce and Limited Companies work together. See how we can help your Limited Company Ecommerce business today.

Why is a Limited Company preferred by established Ecommerce businesses?

This a big topic to cover, but the key points are that personal liability becomes limited, you have greater flexibility with how to manage cash flow (more cash in the business for growth), and some counter-parties prefer to deal with an incorporated structure.

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