Wehther you are just starting out or choose to run your business as a sole trader, we have the knowledge and services to support your business.

We work with Sole Traders at all stages. We will help you with tax compliance and deadline monitoring, filing on your behalf to HMRC, and provide any advice you need.


“I've never had and never would have expected this kind of service from an accountant. It's online, it's easy and they go the extra mile in helping you out!”
Liam O'Neill Sep 2018

Sole Trader Self Assessment

Filing Personal Tax Returns for Sole Trader adds a couple of complexities. We'll streamline the process and and make it easy-peasy.

Value for money

You get the same time-saving service at a lower cost as a Sole Trader. Your returns are slightly less complex than a Ltd company, so we charge you less.

Expertise and advice

We'll advise you if and when it makes sense to incorporate as a Limited Company. We can even handle VAT registration transfers so this happens smoothly.

Work with an accountant who understands your business. We know how Ecommerce works for Sole Traders. See how we can help your Sole Trader Ecommerce business today.

When is the Sole Trader approach beneficial to me?

The most popular reason is you can sell straight away. No need to incorporate, just get started. Pros: you save slightly on accounting fees and admin. Cons: you miss out on the benefits of being incorporated (however, these are less important when just starting out).

I'm starting out. Should I be a Sole Trader?

If you are testing the waters, the Sole Trader route is a great way to do it. HMRC even give you a trading exemption of £1,000 as well (no reporting obligations if you don't breach this threshold).

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