Non-UK businesses
for UK VAT.

If your business is based outside the UK and you store goods in the UK, or if you ship from the EU to the UK in excess of the UK's distance selling threshold (£70,000), then this is you. We can help you handle VAT simply and quickly.

UK VAT specialist accountants. We work with hundreds of multi-channel sellers located globally and with global reach. Get in touch if you would like us to open the door to the UK.

UK VAT can be straigt-forward and hassle free

“The cost of compliance to be active in the UK is very different from the US, Canada, and RoW. The UK has a relatively simple VAT regime.
With Ecommerce Accountants, we can get you registered and handle your VAT returns with minimal cost (monetary and time) to you.”
Steffen Hoyemsvoll (Ecommerce Accountants)

VAT Registrations

We'll have a conversation with you and explain which VAT scheme is appropriate for your business

Hands-off approach

Set-it-and-forget-it approach. Once set up, we'll get all of the data for you and there's nearly nothing you need to do

Ongoing compliance

We'll make sure your returns are submitted on time every time. All advice required is included.

Work with an accountant who specialises in UK VAT for ecommerce businesses. We have a system in place to handle UK VAT for non-UK entities with minimal cost to you.

When do I have to register for VAT?

If you are a company based outside of the UK, there are two conditions that can trigger an obligation. First, if you are a non-UK business and you store and ship goods from the UK (even using a dropshipper or POD provider). The second condition is if you are shipping to UK consumers goods that are located outside of the UK at the point of sale and if any of those goods are worth less than £135.

How frequently do I need to file?

In the vast majority of cases the answer will be quarterly. It is possible to file monthly as well, but this option is rarely selected as it entails more work than is required, and is normally only selected by businesses who routinely receive VAT repayments each return.

How long does it take to register and get a VAT number?

HMRC will process c. 70% of applications within 10 working days. The remainder are usually processed within a month. Historically the turnaround times have been higher than this.

Do I need an EORI number?

If you are importing goods into or out of the UK, then you will need to apply for an EORI number. We can obtain this as part of VAT application when required.

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