Briefing on the Autumn Statement 2022


What has changed in the 2022 Autumn Statement?

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement was released 17 November 2022. Headline items that are affected are Income Tax, Dividends, National Insurance, Corporation tax and R&D tax credits.

You can see the full budget documents on HMRC's website.

How this affects ecommerce businesses

We've prepared a briefing document to help you understand how the budget may affect your business. These measures will have significant impacts on UK businesses. There are no measures that are specific to ecommerce.

How much tax will you pay under these new rules?

Check out our Tax Calculator tools to see how these changes affect you. Each year, we publish our tax calculator to help you see how much tax you would pay as a UK taxpayer, and also how this compares for businesses operating as a Sole Trade or as a Limited Company.

This budget is the third budget in as many months, so we are holding off on publishing the 2023/24 calculator until February 20232 and we've seen stability in the budget communications from government.
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